Andee Frost

DJ Andee Frost is that loveable type of bloke that keeps night clubs open for business, the care bear of the Melbourne music scene.

Andee’s eclectic style of Mary Poppins how much can you carry in that bag- what is this thing you speak of called acid-but we only know the mainroom remix-I thought the French eat snails not techno- has found him play the creepiest of little Melbourne disco dungeons and grotty siderooms of the most banging main room house clubs in the country. After developing his current state of psychosis at the worldly renowned and now ceased Honkytonks, Andee has proven to be that rare enigma of a d.j. who simply brings an attitude to the old wheels of steel as opposed to a style. Known to make punters feel the walls cave in, the fake i.d. holders turn into vampires and the oldies forgetting their 9am starts, Andee’s sets aint about being a fashionista, there built on the need to get twisted. Whilst having supported every big name foreigner from Daft Punk to Justice and the tea sipping Klaxons, Andee Frost continues to prove why his dimensioneering, kooky party sounds have him known as the Dr.Seuss bastard son of the Aussie club scene!


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