Mad Professor

He might be called Mad Professor, but he is one of the sanest working musicians around. His use of computers, samples and special effects has made him a guru of tech-dub.

Nicknamed Mad Professor from a young age due to his fascination with electronics, he gradually collected recording and mixing equipment before opening his own four-track recording studio, Ariwa Sounds, in his living room.

In his long and accomplished career, this globally acclaimed dub talent has amassed a fine discography that includes many cult albums. His first album ‘Dub Me Crazy’ (1981) was synonymous with a revolution in the dub genre. His space-age tracks not only made use of new digital technology, but often expanded dub’s sonic blueprint, adding more elements and layers of sound than his forebears typically did.

As his reputation grew, Mad Professor became a remixer of choice for adventurous rock and techno acts, most notably revamping Massive Attack’s entire second album under the new title ‘No Protection’.

Mad Professor has played cult events like Unsound and Outlook Festival in Croatia and now he’ll be bringing his iconic sound to The Pleasure Garden this December..


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