Monkey Marc

Monkey Marc’s passion for music and social change has taken him across remote regions of Australia and the world.

Originally working as a geologist in outback Australian gold mines, Monkey Marc got his name from his mining job that required him to climb high up into dangerous areas of the mineshafts to safeguard them for the miners.

After several near-death accidents, he switched to a lifetime of music and activism, roaming the Australian desert as an activist and running a solar-powered sound system at the frontline of blockades and protests around Australia. He has also spent over a decade working on youth music projects in indigenous communities.

His signature sound pays homage to dub music, bass music, digital roots and classic boom bap hip hop, which he has shared live at festivals like Glastonbury, Boom, Rainbow Serpent and loads more.

In the vein of dub masters such as King Tubby and Lee Scratch Perry, Monkey Marc takes his studio gear on the road to recreate his authentic studio sound, the same audio equipment used in the golden era of old school dancehall music and classic hip hop, reworking his original productions live on stage. Witness it for yourself at The Pleasure Garden!


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