Okenyo is the Sydney based singer-songwriter renown for her beautiful vocals and emotionally evocative lyrics

Each track she delivers brings a unique cut of expressive storytelling that pushes the envelope of pop music.

With power, truth and vulnerability, Okenyo recently gave us unapologetic single ‘Woman’s World’. Enlisting co-producer Lionel Towers (Gypsy and the Cat), Okenyo has taken her time to mould a bold new sound. Exploring fresh and unique productions, the beat feels as radical as the sentiment in which it carries.

Her first major release, ‘Just A Story’, caught international attention in 2015 with its distinct and captivating sound, earning Okenyo a solid following and a killer remix from Andy Bull. In addition to 2017’s 10 Feet Tall tour, Okenyo has been busy woman, with a collection of collaborations with the likes of Urthboy, Tigerilla and The Pleasure Garden lineup buddy Sampa The Great!


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