Sampa The Great

The rise of Sampa The Great has been spectacular to watch. A female poet and singer-songwriter who expresses herself through music, poetry and visual art, Sampa captures you with her thought provoking words, yet keeps you laughing and enjoying the simplicity of creativity.

Born in Zambia and raised in Botswana, Sampa views music as the language of the soul, transcending borders and acting as an agent for positive change. Separating Sampa from her peers is the upbringing and life experiences that inform her lyrics. Once, a group of boys were set to perform a rap song at her primary school. Intrigued, she asked if she could join the group, the response: “you can’t rap with us, because you’re a girl.” From that moment forward she decided not only to be a great female artist but a great artist, period.

Sampa has a penchant for poetry and weaves dense lyrical mazes with her verses, drawing listeners into a lush, imaginative world, embodied in her debut release ‘The Great Mixtape’. Her music bounds from spoken-word to pure hip-hop rapping, with stops at psychedelic and bluesy waypoints in between. She’s supported the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Fat Freddy’s Drop, had a string of sold out headline shows and played at festivals around the country. We can’t wait to welcome her to The Pleasure Garden stage in 2018!


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