Spacey Space

Part man, part myth, Spacey Space has been an exuberant presence in the Melbourne dance music scene for over 25 years.

He is perhaps best known for his epic DJ sets performed in a converted parachute factory in Prahran, also known as Revolver Upstairs. Playing not one but two 4-hour sets every Sunday, this residency spans over half his career. Humble beginnings as most beginnings are, Spacey’s love of bringing music to the masses started by recording radio shows on his parents’ stereo and making countless mix tapes. This hobby led to buying some records and his first gig, his own 21st birthday.

While his career moves into the stratosphere, Spacey’s feet remain firmly planted on the ground. Inspired not only by the music he plays but who he plays it to, there’s a mutual respect between DJ and dance floor that sees the people taking him higher as he sends them into space.


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